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Grisel was born and raised in a small town in the Dominican Republic. She moved to NYC at the age of 10 with her parents and younger sister where they eventually settled in Harlem, NYC. 


Their parents helped them get through college and somewhere along the way, Grisel was introduced to the world of plus size modeling. It was here that she got the opportunity to model plus size fashion for big name brands (whom she shall not name) while doing this she remembered thinking: why are the options in plus sizes less fashionable than the styles available in missy sizes? - that is where the journey of starting Rebdolls began. 


She wanted to create a space where fashion felt inclusive.

Women are often forced to confine to one standard of beauty when they are so much more than that.   


She launched in the Fall of 2014 and the slogan #sexyforall was introduced shortly after."

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